News of Clark County - B&B Fish Market Swimmingly Successful!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Growing up in Alaska, I was spoiled with plenty of fresh salmon, halibut, and crab. Bernie also grew up close to fresh seafood, so we are both very particular about what we buy.  Local supermarkets are sometimes OK, but uneven in the quality and availability. So it was a delight to learn last year that B&B Fish Market was coming to Camas.

Opened by the Bellamy family – Zetta (the Mom), Robert & Janel – they come from a line of fifth-generation sports fishermen who have enjoyed the fresh catch and shellfish of the Pacific Northwest for years.  They decided to share their passion for fresh-caught seafood by starting their own shop in a converted old home on 5th Ave in downtown Camas.

As with any new business, we wanted to give them time to get settled before writing a review.  Since then, we have had the pleasure to visit them many times over the year, and we are pleased to report they are doing just fine!  Their fresh selection is always good – including this week, local fresh Chinook salmon.

We recently learned they do quite a bit of smoked fish that they can ship nationwide. Their salmon, steel head, halibut, and sole jerky are all smoked in house using a combination of alder, cherry,  and apple woods.  They also offer a variety of flavors – honey, pepper, even spicy, and a sample pack if you’re not sure which one you’d like.

(Side note: On a recent visit, my husband discovered not only the fresh-caught Chinook, but also “Hoppin’ John’s Best Oyster Knife I’ve Ever Used.”  He was intrigued because, as a kid growing up near the Chesapeake Bay, he is very familiar with all types of oysters and how to properly shuck them. So he did his research, and on his next trip he bought one. Unfortunately, B&B’s oysters are so popular – they were all out that day.  We’ll test drive it and report back!)

So check out their website, and if you’re ever in downtown Camas, drop by.  They are very knowledgeable and friendly, and you can expect the freshest seafood in the area.

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