Multigenerational Homes in Clark County, WA - What Families Really Want

Monday, January 16, 2017

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. – Spice Girls

Most multi-generational buyers are looking for a home with separate living space for another generation, most often the grandparent(s) of still-at-home children. Three generations living under one roof. In other cases, it’s two generations sharing a home. Returning young-adult children, or baby boomers who choose to care for aging parents in lieu of placing them in nursing homes.

The latter is our situation. However, what’s unusual about our set-up is that my sister and brother-in-law also live on the property too. It created a bit more complications in terms of finding the right situation, but we’ve modified the large home to accommodate our needs. The bottom line, we essentially have separate homes with our own private access. We don’t have to share space, unless we want to.

We applaud new home builders such as Lennar, for their development of multi-generational home plans. The Next-Gen is promoted as The Home Within A Home. Complete separate living quarters make up about 700 square feet of the home, and the suite has a private entrance. They apparently understand the need for everyone to feel independent. It makes it even sweeter when different generations can choose their together-time.

The only negative to the new construction homes we’ve seen is density within the neighborhood. Builders tend to cram as many homes as possible on a plat to increase profitability. We get it, but many of our multigenerational buyers want nature as neighbors and elbow room for the soul.™ In fact, it’s a requirement shared by most all of our buyers and therefore, we also specialize in marketing those types of properties as well. It’s a lifestyle requirement and passion for us too.

In our opinion, homes on acreage with a separate suite off a garage is ideal for multi-generational living. Aging in place is critical when an older generation is part of the household. Key components to consider are privacy, high ceilings and skylights to enhance smaller spaces, thoughtful design such as no-lip showers, and wide halls and doorways to accommodate a wheelchair. Again, giving one another privacy and a sense of independence greatly enhances the enjoyment of this lifestyle.

Enough acreage to garden, room to play, or to soak up soothing views also promotes well-being for the members of a multigenerational property. Connections to nature and green space help all of us feel more grounded and tends to wake up our spirituality. We find that time alone in nature, reminds us that we’re really not alone. It’s quite a remarkable gift for people of any age.

We are the only REALTORS® in Clark County who specialize in Multi-generational housing —and live the lifestyle too. Feel free to contact us to discuss whether a multi-gen home might be a good fit for your family. We’re always happy to share our knowledge and first-hand experience about this rewarding lifestyle.

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