Multi-Generational Homes in Clark County - A Good Fit for You?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

We’re working with a Camas family ( mom, dad, and two kids) who want to live in a Multi-generational property with the wife’s parents. The parents currently live in the midwest, are retiring this Spring, and they haven’t had  a chance to really spend a lot of time around their young grandchildren. Therefore, relocation for them is a top priority. The property they’ve decided to buy together will need an area where the older parents can age in place. In other words, living space with ground level access and one-level.

Purchasing a multi-generational property is a process. Since there are more people in the decision making arena, that increases the need for concessions and compromises. Eventually though, we find a good fit for everyone. In fact, the search is part of the fun because we so enjoy getting to know each member of the family. For example, last weekend, we lingered in the kitchen of a home we’d toured listening to interesting stories of the wife’s time spent in Asia as an English teacher – with her own a popular TV show!

Economics can certainly be a benefit of shared living, but often it’s not the number one priority. Believe it or not, the catalyst for a multi-gen move is often based in love. A desire to share life, as many moments as possible, with family members. We live in a property with our elderly parents, the difference in our situation, my sister and her husband also share our large home. We trade off with cooking responsibilities for mom and dad, doctor visits, and try to engage them socially as often as possible. My sister and I chose to go through this together, giving back to two people who gave us such a solid childhood. We think our husbands are amazing men.

Our first-hand experience with this lifestyle gives us a unique perspective that we share freely. The pros, the cons. Although, the cons can be greatly minimized with advance planning and detailed discussions. For example, be sure to consult with a Family Trust attorney to fully understand how to protect the property in a variety of unforeseen circumstances. We also feel that privacy, and having your own space, is a critical consideration for most of us.

In addition, most of our clients, like us, greatly appreciate the healing and soothing aspects of having Nature As Neighbors. Eco-therapy is now recognized by the mental health community as an important aspect of our human need to connect with nature. More and more people are recognizing this link and seeking homes which offer them a retreat for rejuvenation. We find these homes, in particular, make great multi-gen options. A ViewHome™ on some acreage is like having elbow room for the soul.™

We know our most recent multi-gen family of buyers will enjoy the perks of this lifestyle. They’re taking the time to communicate with one another honestly, setting clear expectations and laying down the groundwork of what’s needed to make a property a good fit for all of them. It’s a privilege to be the only REALTORS® in Clark County who specialize in this growing real estate need. If you’ve been considering a multigenerational home, call us today. We’d be happy to share our experiences and expertise to help determine if this is a good fit for you.

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