Multi-generational Homes and Lifestyles - Together Again!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

We often run into people who raise their eyebrows or react with disbelief when we explain our lifestyle. Some people actually say, ‘that’s weird.”  Others suggest it’s noble, but quickly add, “I couldn’t do it, we’d kill each other.” We’re not offended, and understand it’s still different. However, given the increasing numbers, we’re certain this lifestyle is going to continue to gain in popularity. Perhaps one day, it will be the norm.

As the name suggests, a Multi-generational home means there is more than one generation of adults living in the same household. Sometimes, there are several properties located on one parcel – our situation. However, in the large main-house, my husband and I live on the upper level, and my sister and her husband live on the lower level. Our parents will have their own studio/cottage on the acreage. ( Right now, they migrate between our two homes while it’s being built.)

The key to this situation is a detailed plan drafted well in advance of the move. Our plan outlined the specifics of the home purchase and who paid what – and how. We actually split the bills between us – with our parents paying only a small percentage. The cooking is primarily done by the younger couples and we alternate hosting Sunday dinners for “family meal time.” We love the camaraderie, but also realize our well-defined separate living spaces and plenty of “elbow room for the soul,” are critical in making this lifestyle work for us.

My sister and I, like most siblings, have had our years of petty squabbles and moments of frustration. It’s comforting that we’ve come full-circle in life to share in the care of our aging parents. We’re all together again. Dad’s dementia creates worry and stress for mom, and we are the buffers who ease the situation with support, and humor or empathy. In a situation like this one, there is truly strength in numbers. Have I mentioned our great husbands? Needless to say, our hearts are full.

We specialize in ViewHomes of Clark County with Nature As Neighbors.™  Our clients sell/or want ViewHomes, family estates, and multi-generational homes, all on acreage for varying needs and reasons. The common denominator, a recognition that privacy is the ultimate luxury.  We’d be happy to help you sell, or find, your own ViewHome of Clark County.

( The photo is of our family moving from Fairbanks to Juneau, Alaska – long ago)

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