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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Extended Family Living Options in Clark County

Many of our clients are going through the transition to multi-generational housing – providing room for elder parents, or adult children with their own families. We also have the personal experience of multi-generational housing with my parents, so we know the challenges and extreme peace of mind and satisfaction that can bring to a family.

We’ve discovered how challenging it can be to find suitable homes in the area with enough “elbow room for the soul,”™to give everyone the privacy they need. Privacy, we’ve discovered, is the ultimate luxury. Add the component of having nature as neighbors, and the soothing environment can go a long way in keeping the stress level at a minimum.

Search Options for ViewHomes in Clark County with Multi-Gen Options

ViewHomes™ grew out of our passion for nature, beautiful surroundings, and peaceful environments. Starting together in an urban environment, over the years we have gravitated towards areas with smaller populations and less density. We now enjoy our lifestyle in a rural environment, but with close proximity to metropolitan areas where we appreciate all the amenities of fine restaurants, shopping, and an easy drive to an international airport.

We’d be delighted to help you buy, or sell, your own retreat in Clark County. Family estates, ViewHomes™, homes on acreage, and multi-gen homes are our specialty. Our website, has been providing our clients with direct links to the types of properties they’re searching for our varied neighborhoods. We also discovered how cumbersome it can be to sort through the properties to find dual living options – so we’ve done it for you.

We are pleased to be the only resource in Clark County with a specific search for multi-generational properties. It will help our sellers get their homes sold more quickly – and help buyers save time in identifying possible homes. Feel free to explore – and take your time – we don’t force anyone to register. We’re confident you’ll want to call us when it’s time to buy or sell.

MultiGenerational Homes – <$550,000
MultiGenerational Homes – $550,000 – $750,000
MultiGenerational Homes – $750,000 – $1 Million
MultiGenerational Homes – > $1 Million

Be sure to check back often, as we are updating the inventory daily.

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