Got Your Goat In Clark County, WA - Because Kids Will Eat Ivy Too

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We sell ViewHomes of Clark County™ and many of the properties are located in the rural sections of our region. These homes feature privacy and acreage with “elbow room for the soul,” and Nature As Neighbors. One of the challenges of owning a home with land is keeping out undesirable weeds and shrubs, without the use of herbicides that can have adverse effects on the environment.

At our ViewHome™ located in the hills north of Camas, some of our neighbors have goats. It seems goats are wonderful eco-friendly options for controlling landscapes. Think of them as the ultimate lawn mower. Plus, they run entirely on food – the weeds and grass they consume. No wonder the popularity of goat lawn mowers is on the rise.

Goats eat up to 20 percent of their body weight each day. Around here, wild blackberry brambles can become a real issue as an invasive species. Not with goats around! Clark County, like many areas in the US, have herds of goat “weed warriors” they use to control noxious weeds at public sites. In addition, there are Rent-a-Goat options for those who don’t want to own goats full-time.

Our multi-generational household enjoys having goats as neighbors. My parents get a chuckle listening to their funny bleats. And, visiting grandkids love to pay them a visit. My sister and I frequently hike up to the property in back of us just to pet the friendly critters. They wag their little tails in pleasure when they spot us – just like dogs! Here’s a short video of one our recent visits.

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