Forest Home Park - A Bit of Green

Monday, January 18, 2016

There are studies linking our well-being, both physically and mentally to our connection to nature. Gardening, hiking, even a visit to the park, can help restore your peace of mind. We support our many parks and trails in Clark County and consider it money well-spent to support their continued presence in our communities.

One of our many Camas parks is located along NW 6th Avenue. The park is comprised of just over 5 acres and has a baseball field used for Lacamas Little League games. Area families often use the picnic area at Forest Home Park while children enjoy the playground equipment.

A little bit of green space and room to roam is good for what ails ya’. We get it too, that’s why we’re Nature As Neighbors selling ViewHomes of Clark County with Elbow Room for the Soul!

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