Fern Prairie Market - A Welcoming Country Store

Monday, January 18, 2016

Our ViewHome™ of Clark County sits on an acre above the hills of Camas and Washougal. We are right on the line between the two towns, near the Little Washougal River, but still have a Camas address. Services, such as gas and groceries are about 15 minutes away. That’s why we’re all grateful for the Fern Prairie Market.

The little country store is a handy spot for those of us who live in the rural areas known as Fern Prairie, Fern Prairie Valley, Livingston Mountain and Stauffer Road. The clerks are all extremely friendly and they have everything you might need in a pinch. They even have several gas pumps and sell propane. Their deli items are extremely popular with those looking for a quick snack or lunch.

During the recent record Powerball Lottery drawing, people were lined up in droves to get tickets. It was fun to listen to the different stories as to how they were going to spend their vast millions. People giggled and wished one another good luck as they left the store.

We are grateful to live on acreage with Nature As Neighbors and the luxury of “Elbow Room for the Soul.” We’re also grateful for friendly people and the Fern Prairie Market.

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