Dogwood Trees - A Natural Beauty

Sunday, April 24, 2016

This time of the year, the Dogwood trees provide a splash of white or pink against the dark evergreens. We see them in wooded areas along our gorgeous trails, lining streets, and in yards throughout the many neighborhoods of Clark County.

Since our home is located at higher elevation, we’ve been waiting patiently for our Dogwood to bloom. It’s our first Spring living here, and the magical arrival of color via bulbs and flowering trees has been a fun adventure.

It’s family day at our Multi-gen household and my sis and her husband are still on their road trip, back by May 1st.  My husband and I will be hosting Sunday dinner for my folks again today, and I think we’re having a Roast chicken on the Traeger.

The weather is typically Spring-like today with sun breaks with showers. It makes things grow fast, including the weeds. We’re trying to get the raised garden beds ready for May plantings, so we’re in and out trying to dodge the raindrops.

It’s a bit on the cool side too, so we’ve got the wood-stoves fired up in both of our homes. Our parents are at living at my sister’s for now, until their backyard cottage is ready this summer. It’s a pretty cozy scene around here today.

I’m feeling grateful too, for time well-spent with people we love. I”m also grateful for good friends, and family members near. and far. I’m happily grateful for this wonderful, beautiful life, and the Dogwood tree blooming in the back yard. It simply reminds me…

Happy Sunday, from our house to yours.

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