Chainsaws - Not Just For Loggers Anymore (Part 2)

Friday, January 22, 2016

(Chain Saws – Continued from Part 1)

For gas-powered models, the first consideration is the length of bar and size of the engine – both determined by the types of cutting you will do. Most engine models will be rated for a range of bar sizes, so there are several variables you can work with. There are many bar/engine charts available on the internet, but here’s a quick summary: Anything over 20” is considered professional grade.

Most homeowners will be happy with a bar that is 16” to 18” long, depending on the average size of tree or limb you expect to cut. That also gives you the range of engine sizes you will need, considering the load on the engine and level of activity.

The final step is to pick up and try out a few models to get the feel for its weight, handle location, safety features, etc.  You also need to consider if someone else with less strength and mobility will be using it – you may need to down-size to accommodate all users. This is where your local power tool shop will help you the most.

There are many brands of chainsaws, but nowadays, some of the brands like Poulson, Husqueverna,and McCullough are made interchangeably by the same manufacturers – much like kitchen appliances.  So always ask about the manufacturer and their reputation.  Stihl is one company that designs and manufactures its own products and has always been a leader in professional equipment. They also make excellent small farm and homeowner grade tools, which I swear by for performance and long-term durability.  You will probably pay a higher price for the Stihl brand, so it’s important to consider how much you will actually use your chainsaw and if you can justify the premium.

Whatever your choice, always closely observe basic safety guidelines, especially being mindful of the potential for kickback – hold and cut to your side as much as possible, and never cut over your head. 

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