With Spring’s arrival, more people are getting outside to enjoy the nice weather. In this environment, buyers start thinking about living on or near water.  Some want easy access to boating and active water sports. Others just want a peaceful place for quiet reflection -water has a natural, meditative effect on us, especially being around moving water. 

The Pacific Northwest has many amazing bodies of water – rivers, bays, lakes and creeks all enhance our connection to nature. But regulations designed to protect our watersheds restrict the development of shoreline properties with tight footprints, setbacks, and mitigation requirements. Even creeks are regulated in certain protected watersheds. This can cause frustration for anyone trying to build or expand a house along a natural waterway (previous structures are grandfathered in, but there are still limitations on what you can do to the property.)

Regulation, market demand, and a limited inventory all add up to create a specialized market. Whether you are looking for, or want to sell, waterfront property, you should work with a broker who has experience in this specialized market and knows how to achieve that perfect outcome for you.

Here is a snapshot of the current market for waterfront ViewHomes™ of Clark County:

57 Active from $409,900 to $2,795,000
Average SQFT 3,632
Average $/SQFT $230

1 Bumpable 4157 SQFT for $659,000 at $159/SQFT

20 Pending from $415,000 to $3,290,000
Average SQFT 3,338
Average $/SQFT $226

24 Sold in past 3 months from $420,000 to $2,500,000
Average SQFT 3,683
Average $/SQFT $195

Median Days on Market – 69

View properties on water tend to move quickly, so now is a great time to buy or sell waterfront property. Give us a call – we specialize in ViewHomes™ of Clark County.

The demand for multigenerational homes continues to grow each year. Ten years ago, we bought a townhouse right next to my elderly parents so we could help them out, but still have our own personal space.  When they started having trouble navigating the stairs, we found a daylight basement home with single level living on the first floor and separate living quarters below.  We never thought we would be part of a major trend, but this lifestyle has become mainstream and is growing.

In addition to the economic benefits of shared expenses, there are social and familial benefits of deepened relationships and enriched lives. Adult children have the peace of mind of taking care of their aging parents by not putting them into a facility. Grandchildren have the bonus of quality time with their grandparents on a regular basis.

We think it’s no coincidence that our specialty – view homes with “elbow room for the soul” works well for multigen homes, too.  We know how to evaluate homes on larger lots with the potential for additional living quarters. Whether separate living quarters, or shared space, we understand and live the lifestyle, so we know how to find the right multigen home.

It also helps to know what the market looks like when you start shopping for a multigen home.  Here is a snapshot of ViewHomes™ of Clark County with dual-living features, starting at $400,000:

48 Active Listings – $419,900 to $4,500,000
Average SQFT – 4,810

Average $/SQFT – $195

2 Bumpable Buyers – $798,000 to $2,250,000
Average SQFT- 5,168

Average $/SQFT – $295

20 Pending – $435,000 to $3,290,000
Average SQFT– 4,324
Average $/SQFT – $212

22 Sold in last 3 Mos – $403,000 to $1,250,000
Average SQFT – 3,925
Average $/SQFT – $178

Median Days on Market was 2 Months – multigen homes do not last long in this market!

If you are looking for a home for Multi-Gen living, you can start your search here. Or if you have a home that has Multigen features and you want to sell, call us – we are specialists in this field, and we have buyers ready to move!

We continue to receive inquiries about multigenerational homes now that the lifestyle has become more popular. Besides the economics of sharing expenses, there are the real social and familial benefits of deepened relationships and enriched lives. Adult children have the peace of mind of taking care of their aging parents, grandchildren have the bonus of quality time with their grandparents on a regular basis.

We think it’s no coincidence that our specialty – view homes with “elbow room for the soul” works well for multi-gen homes, too.  We are familiar with how to convert homes on larger lots into the potential for additional living quarters. Because we understand and live the lifestyle, we know how to find the right multi-gen home.

It also helps to know what the market looks like when you start shopping for a multi-gen home.  Here is a snapshot of ViewHomes™ of Clark County with dual-living features priced starting at $400,000:

49 Active Listings – $419,900 to $4,500,000
Average SQFT – 5,072

Average $/SQFT – $212

3 Bumpable Buyers – $690,000 to $2,250,000
Average SQFT- 6,020

Average $/SQFT – $257

11 Pending – $425,000 to $1,250,000
Average SQFT– 3,588
Average $/SQFT – $180

32 Sold in last 3 Mos – $400,980 to $1,250,000
Average SQFT – 3,738
Average $/SQFT – $176

Average Days on Market: 87 – Multi-gen homes do not last long in this market!

If you are looking for a home for Multi-Gen living, you can start your search here. Or if you have a home that has Multi-Gen features and you want to sell, call us – we are specialists in this field, and we have buyers ready to move!

We know where to find Multi-gen homes, family estates, and homes with plenty of space for frequent visitors. In fact, we too live the lifestyle in our own ViewHome located in the hills above Camas/Washougal. Privacy and nature abound, yet recently, it was only a 20 minute trip to take our daughter and granddaughter to Portland International Airport for their return flight to Denver.

The Heights in Vancouver Washington – Market Report 2016

The Heights is a section of Vancouver Washington with over 1600 homes, businesses, public facilities, and open spaces. It’s located in the south central area of the city and has it’s own “home town” feel – as a microcosm of the larger community.

ViewHomes in The Heights often sit on a ridge overlooking Portland City lights and the Columbia River. For example, there is a lovely estate for sale right now on Dubois Drive in Braewood. It sits on .72 acres and has stunning views, a pool, and a private tennis court.

Point of Interest: Historic Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Park and Museum are located within close proximity. For those who enjoy flying, living in The Heights and having access to public hangar storage, and a runway, is highly desirable. Nearby shopping and restaurants – and easy access to Portland make this area attractive to those who enjoy a socially active lifestyle.

ViewHomes™ of Clark County currently for Sale in The Heights

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Beaches Restaurant on the Columbia River is our go-to place when we want to sit outside in the sunshine, and just feel good about life. The river activity is always entertaining: huge plodding barges, graceful tacking sailboats, and speedy jet skis – usually zig-zagging between them all. Nature also contributes with Canada geese gliding overhead, harlequin ducks meandering about on the water, and sandpipers skipping along the shore. It’s an ideal location to just sit and watch the world.

But there is something else about Beaches that feels good – the people. You get the sense that the staff genuinely care about you and your experience.  You won’t get the server who recites the canned introduction with artificial endearments – you’ll connect to a real person.  This was demonstrated recently when one of our clients moved here from out of state.

They are a young family relocating from the Midwest, who had a choice of locations all along the west coast. They happened to choose Camas based partly on some of our glowing reports. But they also did their homework and decided the location, outdoor activities and schools matched their requirements.  Even armed with all their data, though, they were still a bit apprehensive about moving to a new place where they didn’t know anyone.  Their apprehension changed after their first visit to Beaches.

During their meal, their server discovered they were from out of town. She made a point of rounding up other servers who came from other states, to come by and share their experience of moving to the area. Our clients said the personal welcome that evening assured them they had made the right choice.

That gesture of kindness is an aspect of their corporate culture – Beaches is known for its community commitment to many activities that benefit kids in the area.  In addition to the Charity Table and their Community Wall – both opportunities for diners to donate to charities, Beaches is best known for its annual Green Eggs and Ham breakfast. A Dr. Seuss-themed event for first-graders now in its 20th year, volunteers serve over 7,000 kids and parents over the course of 5 days.  All of this is orchestrated by the staff of Beaches to help encourage parents to come to the schools and read with their kids.

Speaking of green eggs (dyed of course), did I mention the food at Beaches is always excellent?  So not only can you have a great dining experience, you can also feel good about it while you enjoy the day!

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ViewHomes of Clark County™ grew out of our love for nature, beautiful surroundings, and a peaceful environment. We recently moved our multi-generational household to an area located in the rolling hills north of Camas-Washougal. Our property sits on an acre-plus with towering trees, stunning sunrises and sunsets, and we get seasonal views of the Little Washougal River. Our family loves having Nature As Neighbors.

If you’re looking for a family estate with enough room for visiting, or live-in family, and friends, and land to garden or enjoy privacy, you’re similar to the majority of our clients.. Since we also specialize in Multi-generational living,  we have helped many families find a home suitable for multiple generations. In short, we recognize the need many of us share to spend time with those we love, connect with nature, and live a lifestyle that helps rejuvenate our souls.

One of the key elements that our family recognizes is the need for each of the three couples to have their own space and privacy. If we choose, we can go for days without seeing one another. However, that’s not the case. We have over an acre of land too and often share in the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings and grounds. We’d be happy to share our tips and experiences if you’re considering this lifestyle.

If you have a multi-generational home to sell, we’d be happy to explain how our unique focus can help market your home to rise above the rest. If you’re interesting in purchasing a Multi-generational ViewHome, we know the inventory and carefully sift through the listings on an on-going basis. We’ve found many homes with the potential for dual living situations not emphasized.

There are 49 Dual Living homes listed on the MLS with a Median List price of $729,900. Currently, there are 19 Pending, and 51 Sales in the last 6 months. The Median DOM ( days on market) ranges from a low of 58-92. The Median Sales Price to LIst Price is 97.24%. It’s a great time to sell. Call us today for your complimentary market analysis.

The National Park Service is celebrating its centennial this year and is encouraging everyone to visit their local park and appreciate their importance in our society. We are fortunate to have one of those national treasures right here in Clark County – the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

Much has been written about the Park and its significance as the original 1824 site of the Hudson Bay Trading Company, the first major settlement in the Northwest.  While the Fort is easily accessible by driving East from the I-5 freeway to the Visitor Center, a more interesting approach is walking over the Columbia River Land Bridge.

Designed by famed architect Maya Lin, the Land Bridge reconnects the Columbia River with Fort Vancouver via a footpath from the South over State Highway 14. It is a relatively easy walk, and a meaningful historical experience for all ages. A brief walk from the Columbia River Renaissance Waterfront Trail, past the Old Apple Tree Park takes you to the South Portal to the bridge. Passing under the crossed oars, a slight incline takes you along Native petroglyphs, basket weavings, and indigenous plants.  The path levels out at the first of two lookout points that offer sweeping views of the Columbia River and the flat plain where the original Fort was built. For a virtual walk of the bridge, view the overlooks at River or Land, then continue along the path in either direction.  (Click carefully on the walkway, or you’ll end up on Highway 14!)

The Bridge is a great family outing, and a way for all of us to learn about the connection between the original Native population and the settlement of the region.  A Language Walk, featuring words in several Native languages, describes the land, people and river.  An historical timeline with photo murals shows how the landscape and region has changed over time.  This visual journey serves as a wonderful introduction to the Fort and its historical connection to our region.

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Wide tree-lined streets give South Cliff, DuBois Park and Braewood neighborhoods classic charm and add to the livability. Yet residents are minutes to shopping, dining, and other services, including a large hospital.

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Visit us at Nature As Neighbors™ and explore the homes we’ve carefully screened to match the type of ViewHome™ we know you’re looking for in Clark County. Our blog, News and Views, is updated frequently with articles and videos highlighting rural lifestyles, nature, news, views, events and people in Clark County.

Fort Vancouver gives us a fun and informative glimpse into our rich history. It’s worth a visit and you’ll find special events year round. Your kids won’t even know they’re learning!

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Illuminate history and the dark winter months of January and February with a Lantern Tour at Fort Vancouver. The lantern-lit journey is designed to give you and your family a glimpse into the past. Even after sundown, you’ll discover, Hudson’s Bay Company employees worked much more than eight hour days.

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