ViewHomes™ of Clark County - Waterfront Market Report

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

We recently sold another view home along the Washougal River, and checked in to see how they spent their first Christmas.  They are so grateful to live in their version of paradise -surrounded by nature, with the sounds of the river rushing past their home. They even had a few kayakers paddle by one sunny morning – each waving and acknowledging what a gift it is to be on the water.

Water has a natural, meditative effect on us — the sight and sound of moving water helps put us in a relaxed, reflective mode that seems to ameliorate any disruptions around us. This is one of the many reasons waterfront properties are at a premium – there is a built-in asset that many homes don’t have.  Some buyers want easy access to boating and active watersports. Others want a peaceful place for quiet reflection. Either way, we are drawn to water.

We are fortunate to live in an area where there are many diverse bodies of water – lakes, streams, rivers that are still in their natural state.  But, due to regulations designed to protection our waterways, development of any designated shoreline properties comes with tight regulations, setbacks, and mitigation requirements. Even creeks are regulated in certain protected watersheds. This can cause frustration for anyone trying to build or expand a house along a natural waterway (previous structures are grandfathered in, but there are still limitations on what you can do to the property.)

These restrictions also create a specialized market, where water becomes a highly-prized feature of the home.  With these restrictions, and limited inventory, you should always work with someone who has experience with waterfront properties and knows how to find that perfect opportunity for you.

Here is a snapshot of the current market for waterfront ViewHomes™ of Clark County:

17 Active from $449,900 to $3,290,000
Average SQFT 4,382
Average $/SQFT $289

6 Pending from $459,000 to $2,250,000
Average SQFT 3,915
Average $/SQFT $245

11 Sold in past 3 months from $407,100 to $6,500,000
Average SQFT 3,904
Average $/SQFT $353

View properties on water tend to move quickly, so if you are interested, now is a great time to buy. Give us a call, we specialize in ViewHomes™ of Clark County.

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